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Finance Excellence Model: Pillars of Lateral Leadership

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In this first part of the finance excellence series, Denny Taylor explains why finance executives must master both a business leadership and executive influence role to be successful. By Denny Taylor Editor’s Note: In this article, the first in a series of four, we will explore the concept of Lateral Leadership. Subsequent entries will appear each month on the Foresight …

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Debits & Credits: Taking stock of your personal portfolio of finance skills

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In this series, Denny Taylor, Managing Consultant at YSC Ltd, will explore the four steps to financial leadership success By Denny Taylor In a popular credit card commercial, a Viking asks, “What’s in your wallet?” More thoughtful questions for a rising finance executive or even a budding corporate raider might be: what’s in my wheelhouse? What is my currency in …


How to Bend it Like Reichart

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Former college soccer player and current Chief Financial Officer at Zimbra, Kristin Reichart, shares with young professionals what it takes to succeed both on the field and off. By Jill Yarberry-Laybourn Most young ambitious professionals know that they are going to have to put in some effort to get to the top. But according to Reichart, effort alone won’t get …

Feedback: The Essential Nutrient

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Anna Carroll, author of The Feedback Imperative, explains why feedback is an essential nutrient for the health of your employees and the company. By Anna Carroll Everyone’s focused on workplace happiness and how to attract and retain great employees.  Leaders are encouraged to create a fun workplace, avoid micromanaging, and give lots of positive feedback and recognition. These are all …